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Posted by: jacketsy on 5/10/2017 7:47 PM loan road model, rather than holiday free of such a small grace to protect the policy to cover the government in the absence of duty on duty. Following last year's Wenzhou usury hit the road after the crisis, recently, the Hangzhou area due to mutual insurance insured funds stranded in the face of more than 600 private enterprises, a joint letter to the Zhejiang provincial government emergency help again affect the country's nerves. The reason for the incident is the same as the story of many private enterprises we are familiar with: the rupture of an enterprise capital chain raises a series of debt black holes, the bank begins to fight for debt, and all the chains on the chain of credit Tighten. The detonation of the two companies, one named Zhongjiang Holdings, because it can not repay usury, the chairman was suspected of illegal absorption of public deposits, the dozens of entities and related assets, claims, debt is being verified, Involving a total amount of billions of dollars of the huge; a man named Tianyu construction, involving illegal capitalization case was filed by the court, caused by the credit crisis related to the Bank of Cheap Ferragamo Belts, Cheap Ferragamo Belts Construction Bank and other 23 financial institutions, associated debt of more than 10 billion yuan , Nearly 100 affiliated companies. These two cases led to the major banks on the relevant enterprises focused on the collection of loans, and thus over the years between enterprises to bank loans formed by the insured security of the intricate security network show the shocking, which led to a large area of ??business Capital chain crisis. In terms of frankness, for the credit system with poor financing system and serious discrimination against private enterprises in Cheap Ferragamo Belts, mutual security is not a new thing in the near future, but a financial innovation of private enterprises under the Replica Ferragamo Belt credit system. In the case of credit loans is difficult to obtain, the official guarantee institutions are reluctant to provide guarantees for private enterprises, or private enterprises can not afford high guarantee costs, the mutual insurance between enterprises and UNPROFOR, has become a private enterprise from the bank The inevitable choice of funds.

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