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it is clearly higher than

Posted by: jacketsy on 5/10/2017 7:49 PM And this mutual security UNPROFOR, for the bank, it is also a relatively safe choice. In the case of macroeconomic prosperity and business expansion, the risk of this mutual security is very small, but once the industry tightening, the guarantee chain of enterprises on the issue, the entire chain of enterprises will lead to capital chain crisis, which appears The real domino effect, if the bank in this case on the business to tighten credit, to collect loans, is tantamount to worse, to speed up the collapse of corporate funds chain. From the letter of the 600 private enterprises in Hangzhou, the situation, there is no shortage of industry leaders, well-known enterprises and Fake Ferragamo Belt top 500 private enterprises, including the domestic transmission and distribution industry one of the strongest enterprises Tiger Group, furniture industry leading Group, the domestic wood-based panel industry leader Rongcheng Group, at the same time, mutual insurance UNPROFOR enterprises, mostly in the same industry, such as the furniture industry, resulting in the entire industry have emerged avalanche crisis. At the same time, we see that this time despite the 600 private enterprises to call for help, but taking into account the mutual insurance is actually a private enterprise around the general guarantee of financing, coupled with a lot of banks involved. In Zhejiang, for example, the enterprise UNPROFOR model covers about 60% -70% of the total financing ratio of the enterprise. The huge mutual insurance chain makes Zhejiang bank's nonperforming loans soaring, and by the end of May, Zhejiang province's nonperforming loans The balance of 67.28 billion yuan, an increase of 18.14 billion yuan over the beginning; Zhejiang Provincial Banking Regulatory Bureau to provide the data show that all of Zhejiang enterprises are 40% of corporate loans are mutual insurance loans. This means that once a guarantee business within a circle of funds crisis, will endanger the province of Zhejiang province 40% of bank loans. Coupled with the overall decline in the macroeconomic, which makes the company UNPROFOR, the risk of hidden mutual protection is ignited and spread rapidly. In this regard, this time due to the risk of capital chain rupture caused by the severity of the financial turmoil and the difficulty of solving, it is clearly higher than the last Wenzhou loan shark.

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