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Posted by: jacketsy on 6/27/2017 8:50 PM

Of course, the special consumption tax in Chongqing to be truly implemented in the legal process requires the special approval of the State Council, the tax rate set and other aspects of the need for further research, but compared to the current practice of many places some of the practice, Chongqing in the healthy development of real estate Indeed a lot of effort, like a lot of ways, can be described as good governance. Look forward to push the broad, <a href="">replica versace belt</a> Puze people's livelihood.

The biggest breakthrough in the legislation on the collection and compensation of houses on state-owned land is to limit the collection of houses to the exclusive reasons for the needs of the public interest, and to define the legislative connotation of the public interest by enumerating the way. In fact, the seven categories listed in Article 3 of the Regulations belong to the situation where the private property can be requisitioned for the needs of the public interest, and it has become a great step forward than the previous demolition regulations to confuse public housing demolition and commercial demolition. Although the list of seven cases, <a href="">replica ferragamo belt</a> whether it really belongs to the scope of public interest, there are still controversial, for example, the reconstruction of dangerous homes, affordable housing construction, whether the public interest, can be further improved and discussed, but the third The basic legislative essence of the article is in line with the essence of the Constitution and the Property Law. In the current context, legislation is not easy.

However, as a mandatory act of levying private property, in addition to defining the public interest itself by legislation, it is more important to be able to confront the government of how to determine the public interest itself to set up a fair decision program of. The legal definition of public interest is a worldwide legal problem is not false, but the application of legislative technology on the problem itself is not a problem, <a href="">replica designer belts</a> but never a problem. We have seen that there are few definitions of the public interest in Europe and the United States, and the focus of legislation on the establishment of a public interest process.

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