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Posted by: jacketsy on 5/10/2017 7:44 PM for the next highway to extend the charging time and so on playing tricky also left a legitimate excuse. Accounting for a small cheap, but the last to eat is a big loss. The cost of free 20 days a year is: do not say after the profits of the highway three times, and no longer on some arbitrary charges, extension fees and so on. Sealing fees only, bleach powder only. Fourth, this policy is completely contrary to the concept of environmental protection. We do not understand, on the one hand we encourage everyone to travel green, to encourage more public transport, on the other hand, free of charge, but only seven of the following car free? As we all know, private cars are the most economical travel! If you really want to be free, the most free is the bus and should not be a private car. Free bus high-speed fees, while reducing fares, to encourage more people to take the bus home, rather than open a private car. In fact, the public on the Replica Ferragamo Belt highway emotions, roots derived from the payment of the loan model. In the previous few years the road to invest in the Great Leap Forward stimulus, all over the unprecedented ups and downs of the highway construction, the highway from the end of the fifteen ten thousand kilometers to 74,000 km, five new 33,000 km, plus Re-built mileage, has more than 100,000 km, will soon be more than the United States to become the world's first. Taking into account the highway investment of more than 70% from bank loans, the current national highway on the overall size of the debt should be a conservative estimate of more than 3 trillion yuan. In this way, on the one hand, with a 1,600 km vehicle toll and per capita GDP ratio, Fake Ferragamo Belt expressway ratio of up to 2%, far higher than Europe and the United States and other countries, become the world's most expensive highways, some highways But on the other hand, from the overall operating conditions of the expressway, many places of high highway debt, faced with the embarrassment of debt default. If you do not change the current loan road, charge repayment, and vigorously develop the toll road model, high debt pressure under the toll road and not much room for decline. This shows from another level of government in the absence of highway construction.

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If a country's roads only pay attention to the development of high-speed and other toll roads, and the government in the free road construction investment, only once the high-speed free, it will be embarrassing embarrassing situation. Therefore, the need to completely change the law of Fake Ferragamo Belt mortgage repayment
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